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Kitchen Remodel Contractor

Our services are designed to help you throughout the entire construction process, from the initial design phase all the way through to the completion of your Kitchen Renovation. Our Team is equipped to handle all aspects of the renovation process, from design to installation.

Whether you are looking to renovate a traditional family kitchen, a modern masterpiece, or anything in between, I have the expertise and skills needed to bring your vision for your kitchen to life.



Initially, we will contact you and schedule a time and date for a site visit. We will ask you to provide your email, site address, plans (if any), the scope of work, or any other contact information.


During this stage, I will meet with you at your preferred location to discuss your requirements, budget, and any specific questions & preferences you may have. We will also go over the design process, timelines, and what to expect during the construction phase. This can also be through a phone call or video call.

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In River Side

KITCHEN REMODEL Castro Valley.jpg


In Castro Valley

El Verona Way COMPLETE.jpg


In El Veona


Designing & Planning

Before construction begins, the client can give us their vision and ideas. We will work closely together to create a detailed plan for your new home. We will go over every detail, including the layout, finishes, and materials, to ensure that everything meets your requirements and stays within the budget.

3D Rendering

We can provide a 3D rendering of your home design to help you visualize the final layout and make any necessary adjustments before construction begins.

Interior Design

We also provide interior design services to help you create a cohesive and stylish design.

Permits & Approvals

My team and I will handle all necessary permits and approvals from The City to ensure that your new home meets all local building codes and regulations. In the approval process, there are comments from the City Engineer, and all this will be done by our Team until it is finished, finalized, and the permit is obtained.

Construction Management

During the Construction phase, I will navigate the construction process, and I will manage all aspects of the project, from coordinating with subcontractors to ensuring that the work is done on time and within budget.

Quality Control

I am committed to delivering high-quality construction services, and I will conduct regular inspections to ensure that everything is done to the highest standards.

Final Walkthrough

Once construction is complete, we will perform a final walkthrough together to ensure that everything meets your expectations. I will also be available to answer any questions you may have and provide support as needed. After, we will coordinate & schedule with our photographer to take photos of the completed result of the project.

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