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Atlas General Construction Unearths Hidden Treasure in Fremont Home Renovation

Gold bar found in home remodeling.
Gold bar

Fremont, CA – In a stunning discovery that sounds straight out of a mystery novel, Atlas General Construction stumbled upon a hidden safe filled with invaluable treasures during a renovation of a quaint Mid-Century house in Fremont. The find, which includes a Nobel laureate medal, ancient jewelry, and several historical medals, has left the current homeowner, the construction team, and local historians buzzing with excitement.


Bill, the diligent and observant owner of Atlas General Construction, noticed an out-of-place metal structure while working on the bathroom's plumbing system. His intuition led to the uncovering of a safe containing items of significant historical and monetary value: amazing jewelry, a Nobel laureate medal, a 180-year-old gold bar, a pearl and gold chain from 1903, another gold chain from 1924, a medal from The American Legion headquarters in Indianapolis, a 1944 war medal among other prestigious accolades. These relics hint at the home's previous owner, believed to be a decorated American veteran and Nobel laureate.


The current homeowner was taken aback by the discovery, having been unaware of the safe and its contents. The previous homeowner was also contacted and confirmed they had no knowledge of the treasure, which adds an even more intriguing layer to the story.


This remarkable find was made amidst Atlas General Construction’s comprehensive renovation of the historic property. The project included a complete external and internal makeover, roof replacement, solar panel remounting, a second-story addition, an expanded kitchen, and the remodeling of all rooms and bathrooms. This discovery highlights the unexpected surprises that can emerge from the depths of history during the course of modern renovations.


Atlas General Construction, a trusted and licensed general contractor known for its quality craftsmanship and dedication to excellence, has once again proven its expertise and attention to detail. The company is insured and bonded, offering peace of mind alongside its construction services.


To celebrate this incredible discovery and showcase their commitment to bringing value to their clients' homes, Atlas General Construction is offering a special promotion. Homeowners who respond to this press release will receive a free estimate for their project and a complimentary interior design consultation for their bathroom.


Don't miss this opportunity to work with a construction company that goes beyond the blueprint to uncover and preserve the stories that make each home unique. Contact Atlas General Construction today to bring your home renovation dreams - and possibly hidden treasures - to life.


About Atlas General Construction:

Atlas General Construction is a leading general contractor in Fremont, California, specializing in home remodeling, renovations, home construction. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for uncovering the hidden potential in every project, Atlas General Construction delivers unparalleled service and results to its clients. Licensed, insured, and bonded, Atlas is the go-to choice for homeowners looking to transform their living spaces with confidence and expertise.


For more information, press only:

Contact: Bill, Owner of Atlas General Construction

Phone: 6504402236


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